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Sometimes it's not about quitting. It's about moving on.

Welcome to Flaked

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Au Courant



Some travels, a lot of opinions

Cheers to those carpe diem moments that spark adventures. Read the recaps from my travels.

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The good, the bad, & the ugly

For me, it's all in the details & these vignettes are a glimpse of life's powerful moments.

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I'm basically a lady Bourdain

By that I mean we both like to eat & cook. Otherwise, we're literally nothing alike.

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About Me


I’m creative, at least I think so, or maybe it’s more that I appreciate design. Often I chatter on about my dream kitchen; almost daily there’s a subtle must-have change, eking toward my place to work, play, and I admit, drink entirely too much coffee…

I’m intrigued by subtleties. I can idea hop for hours analyzing cultural idioms, greetings, or a person’s way about things. Sure, I’m probably over-analytical, whatever, but I’m fascinated to know how I’m the same or different from them – where would I fit?

I’m a traveler, and some might say carefree, but I’m more flattered with that statement than I identify with it. I’d love to say I’m a dreamy, soul-searching vagabond, but it’s not true. I rarely do things without thinking through them. I’ll carpe diem if it makes sense.

And traveling for a year made sense. I know, hear me out. I was having too many conversations riddled with missed dreams, and listless what-ifs. Time was once abundant for these individuals, and as it slipped, their resolve toward other lives solidified.

In short, I’m dying to see the world while I still think missed flights, airport nights, and rambunctious hostels are an adventure. I took an idea or two from the wise, and ran with it, because if not now, when?




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