How wild it was, to let it be.
— Cheryl Strayed


I’m creative, at least I think so, or maybe it’s more that I appreciate design. Often I chatter on about my dream kitchen; almost daily there’s a subtle must-have change, eking toward my place to work, play, and I admit, drink entirely too much coffee.

I’m intrigued by subtleties. I can idea hop for hours analyzing cultural idioms, greetings, or a person’s way about things. Sure, I’m probably over-analytical, whatever, but I’m fascinated to know how I’m the same or different from them – where would I fit?

I’m a traveler, and some might say carefree, but I’m more flattered with that statement than I identify with it. I’d love to say I’m a dreamy, soul-searching vagabond, but it’s not true. I rarely do things without thinking through them. I’ll carpe diem if it makes sense.

And traveling for a year made sense. I know, hear me out. I was having too many conversations riddled with missed dreams, and listless what-ifs. Time was once abundant for these individuals, and as it slipped, their resolve toward other lives solidified.

In short, I’m dying to see the world while I still think missed flights, airport nights, and rambunctious hostels are an adventure. I took an idea or two from the wise, and ran with it, because if not now, when?


Why Flaked?

Flaked is much more than quitting.

To me that implies there is nothing after the stop. No, flaking is about moving forward, taking a little control with clarity from previous experiences.  

My hope with Flaked and my time spent traveling is to piece together my interests and create something I love sharing, and can continue even when, or if, I return.

I want to prove to myself, and hopefully inspire others, that you can start over. Moments of reprieve should have that fuck it feel to them. So plan, sure, but I’m trying out mini goals, small breaks, and intentional change to redirect my confidence with purpose.

I hope you do the same.


Kait Reynolds