The Dazzling Prague


Travel Dates | July 23, 2017 to July 26, 2017

Prague is dreamy. There’s the Prague Castle (Pražský Hrad), the Charles Bridge, the John Lennon wall... I could walk for hours gawking at the Easter egg buildings, simply admiring the city’s luster despite the hordes of tourists. And I have to say; the capital’s beauty is only matched by the hospitality. When leaving afternoon tea, Tomáš, our waiter, cheerfully bid us adieu, and welcomed us to the beautiful, sunny Prague.

The city wears its tourism well, too. In some areas, like the Charles Bridge, when I turned to admire the river on either side I unintentionally elbowed people. However, the view from the bridge makes up for the sardine-packed stroll across.

And though most of the city is touristy, it has this way of exuding an undeniable charm. Just beyond the Lennon Wall is a street packed with quaint coffee shops, international bookstores, and even vintage record shops. Impractical, sure, but it still gave Prague this over all feel of whimsy, one that was heightened at night. 

Seriously, Prague is dazzling. In the waning hours, fellow travelers were off to rest for jam-packed tomorrows, and I could almost feel the city issue a sigh of relief. The streets were calm, and I think the most memorable moment of the night was sitting by the Vltava. I remember appreciating the tram lights sparkle, bobbing with the gentle waves of the river.

How beautiful indeed.


All Mushrooms Are Edible Once

Who Knew Mushroom Picking Would Be So Cool?

If you’re looking for something non-touristy in Prague, grab a knife, a basket, and hop on over to the Udoli Kunratickeho Potoka forest. We spent the morning wandering the forest, talking, munching on pastries, and picking mushrooms.

Helpful Tips

Go after it rains, pick the sunny spots, and if you’re going to eat them be sure to head to a Mushroom Inspector (no joke) to sort through the good and the deadly.

My Aunt and Uncle are here!

By chance, Michael’s Aunt and Uncle were on their last day of an Eastern European tour. So we hightailed it to their hotel (only a 10 minute walk away), and were wined and dined traditional Czech style. The night was complete with an accordionist playing a polka rendition of Dixie – someone knew his crowd.

Marvel at the Vltava with a Beer in Hand

If you have time, I recommend taking a moment to saunter along to the river, and just be.

Watch the Death Toll at the Astronomical Clock

This is a ‘UGE tourist attraction. Each hour there is quite the production. Yet when the bell tolls, amongst historical figures, a skeleton rings the clock's bell, reminding us time is always ticking.

Where Do They All Come From?

The John Lennon Wall is a sight. Yet, I had more fun watching masses of people fighting to find a clear shot with their favorite Lennon face. A quick Hello-Goodbye will suffice here.

Operation Anthropoid

Anthropoid was the name of the operation to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich, credited with devising the final solution. The National Memorial to the Heroes of the Heydrich Terror is impactful, and is one of the few WWII victories for Czechs. If you’re not familiar with the story, the memorial is thorough, or if you can't make it to Prague, read about it here.

Holy tourists, Batman!

If you thought the Brooklyn Bridge was packed, it’s got nothing on the St. Charles Bridge. Think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the INSANE crowds hustling to get a single chocolate bar. It’s beautiful, and has a daily souvenir market, but be warned - it’s a destination for most people passing through Prague.


Special thanks for Pierce Jamieson for sending along his great photos. I appreciate it!