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Morocco's Painted Veil

Morocco has this spark, a visual warmth alluring those to travel where Arabian exoticism is, indeed, still alive. Like many, I was drawn in by the promise of experiencing something new. And though that might be true, I left Morocco with an appreciation for my current life, and a hope to brings things into the light.

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Shakshuka means a mixture. So considering that this recipe is a 75% copycat, it only seems fitting that it's a mix of recipe ideas, too. I've tweaked the ingredients from the recipe I first tried by adding harissa, which is a chili paste blended with spices. Because outside of the U.S. it’s served with, well, most everything in areas like Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. So in an effort to bring our vibrant world to your kitchen, I added the harissa back and I think it makes all the difference.

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