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Notes from Nepal: a Trek, a Reticent Guide, and a Lesson Learned.

It was only the third day and I was ready to quit. Trekking the Annapurna Circuit had lived up to the hype. Each mountainous bend unfurled to lush terraced rice fields, gnarled and foggy thickets and, of course, the unbelievable expanse of the Himalayas. In late August, Nepal becomes increasingly dry, which marks the start of hiking season. Yet less welcome surprises were wearing me down, chief among them were bed leeches and a reticent guide.

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Cambodia in the Shadow of Genocide

I took a solemn step forward to peer over the pocked handrail. My gaze was steady as I followed the even rise and fall of the ground. The soft-spoken narrator broke my focus, drawing my attention to one of the craters. I narrowed my gaze to what could have been small, inconspicuous pebbles, and the guide hummed on.

After large rains, the remains from Khmer victim’s surface, revealing the graves…

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The Dazzling Prague

Prague is dreamy. There’s the Castle, the Charles Bridge, and all the other classic attractions. I could walk for hours gawking at the Easter egg buildings, simply admiring the city’s luster despite the hordes of tourists. And I have to say; the capital’s beauty is only matched by the hospitality. When we stood to leave from afternoon tea, our waiter, cheerfully bid us adieu, and welcomed us to the beautiful, sunny Prague. How beautiful indeed.

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Bali | Is Health Culture Encouraging Unhealthy Habits?

I love this new health trend. Yet after a few yoga-filled days in Ubud, Bali, I started to notice this trend might have swung too hard. There were astrologers offering readings promising the keys to a righteous life. "Clinics" devoted to colonics. Shamanic Breathwork that diminished the symptoms of anxiety. The more time I spent in this health-crazed culture, the more flaws I saw with this obsessive goal to find wellness.

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Myanmar | A Country Struggling to Find Democracy

Myanmar wasn’t my favorite country, nor the most uplifting, awe-inspiring, wanderlust-y travel experience. Yet its duality hooked me. The gilded pagodas, brilliant smiles, but apparent cultural authenticity drew me in. Yet when I stumbled into a seemingly friendly gathering, I struck too close to what this closed-off country is hiding.

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Rangoon Tea House | Taking Burmese Cuisine International

Tucked away in the historic downtown of Yangon, find The Rangoon Tea House. The white walls, black trim, and teak wood accents are callbacks to Yangon’s colonial rule, and simultaneously pays homage to classic teahouses of Yangon. High ceilings, Myanmar street fare (mutton samosas, anyone?), and incredibly friendly people. The new-ish tea house seems to be thriving within the Yangon market, but there are loftier goals for RTH.

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