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I'm basically a lady Bourdain

By that I mean we both like to eat & cook. Otherwise we're literally nothing alike.

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Bringing Burmese Cuisine to the international stage


Visited | October 7th, 2017

Tucked away in the historic downtown of Yangon, you’ll find The Rangoon Teahouse.

The white walls, black trim, and teak wood accents are callbacks to Yangon’s colonial rule & classic Burmese teahouses of the past. However, RTH there is more at stake for RTH. This teahouse has goals to bring Myanmar's cuisine into the international spotlight - and they just might be onto something.


A Day on an organic thai farm

Let's Cook Thai

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Traditional Thai Courses


What you'll Learn

Kaeng Phed & Kaeng Kiao Waan (Red & Green Curry)

Tom Yam Kung & Tom Kaa Gai Soups

Mango & Sticky Rice


Serves 8 to 12 | Total Time 1 Hour

Healthy-ish Almond Flour Cake

14 Yogurt Almond Cake_3.png

It's about As good as it gets


This is for those times I want a little less guilt

After I've spent hours baking a cake, I'd like to at least enjoy it. So this almond flour cake substitutes sugar for honey, & butter with the Greek yogurt. Huh, right? So indulge almost guilt free with this lighter, but still delicious, cake.